This is very similar to pulled meat. You could add Bar-B-Que sauce if you wish. It has a really nice flavor as is though (yes, I know it’s goose, but it really does taste good!) I used the meat one night for wraps. The next night I served over rice. You could also serve on sandwich buns.


Goose Parts – cleaned, but not skinned or boned*

1 large onion, chopped

5 – 6 (or more) cloves of garlic, chopped if large

1 package Lipton’s Onion Soup Mix

Meat tenderizer

Onion Powder (optional)

Garlic Powder (optional)


Liberally spray a slow cooker (crock pot) with Pam.

Sprinkle the goose parts with tenderizer (like you would sprinkle on salt, tenderizer can be too salty if you over use) and liberally with both powders on each side.

If using the gizzards use a spiked tenderizing tool, or sharp tined fork, to perforate the gizzard a number of times. Turn it over and poke some more. It may be a little hard to do, but it makes all the difference, so persevere.

Put the goose in the slow cooker. Next dump the onions and garlic on the goose. Top with the soup mix. Use your fingers to mix the onions, garlic and soup a bit. You could do this in a separate bowl but then you have to wash another dish.

Cook for 6 hours on high. Stir the meat a couple of times if you can. If your out all day, it will still be fine.

Turn the cooker to warm and let the meat cool down enough for you to pull out the bones and remove the skin, which should be easy. I use a slotted spoon to pull meat out and put onto a plate to remove skin and bones.


Note: Do not add any water or liquid. You won’t need it and it can actually toughen the meat.

*I used the breasts for another dish so all I had was the legs with thighs, wings, heart and gizzards (cleaned well). Skin on. It will come off after cooking.