Sturgeon can be a difficult fish to cook. It doesn’t have much flavor on it’s own. It also gets very tough quite easily. One very positive aspects is that it has NO bones!!
Today I am marinating a batch in a soy sauce mix and a different batch in an oil and vinegar dressing. Then I am going to wrap it in bacon and pan fry until the bacon is crisp. We’ll see what I get!

Well here are my results: I wasn’t happy with the oil and vinegar dressing marinade. It tasted okay, but the fish was dry and tough, strangely enough. My husband thinks the vinegar in the dressing is what toughened it. The soy sauce marinade was really good. The fish was firm, but not tough. Wrapping it in the bacon made it very flavorful, though I can see that some might find it a little salty. An argument could be made for using a lower sodium bacon and low sodium soy sauce.