These recipes for preparing Elk, Duck, Goose, Salmon and Sturgeon are geared toward the average cook (who would actually like to serve this food to the family and have them eat it!). I am not a chef — certainly gourmet does not describe me.  I am just a woman whose husband loves to hunt and fish. A lot!

It has taken me years to figure out how to use the game filling our freezer. Countless game-oriented websites and cookbooks focus on grilling everything, cooking the meat to death, or turning it into sausage.  Since there’s only so much sausage one can eat, I’ve focused on integrating game into everyday cooking.  Why not find a way to make game more than barely edible?  And why not have a little fun in the process?

You will find the tips and tricks I’ve learned in “Tricks of the Game”.  The “Winging It” section will focus on recipes I am trying, but haven’t worked out yet.

My husband feels very strongly that it is important to be an honorable hunter and that we should be grateful for the meat and fish he brings in. I will admit there are times that I would like to “chuck” it. Then I remember that it is a freezer full of something good to eat, if only I would get creative and make it so. I hope you agree that the results are worth the effort!