This is a great recipe from for Venison.

Wow, this really is good and super easy! Here is what I did differently:

I used the backstrap instead of the tenderloin. It was in two parts, and one part was skinny, so I doubled up the skinny part and then sort of over lapped the two pieces to make one piece as close to equal thickness as I could. Then I wrapped it in the bacon. I too recommend thin sliced.

I baked it at 350 degrees for 20 minutes. (Meat thermometer measured below 125). Turned it over, poured a spoonful of marinade over and turned on the broiler (500 degrees). I broiled it for 4 minutes. (Leave in center of oven). Turned it over again and broiled another 4 minutes.

BEWARE: Marinade is sugary so will smoke under the broiler and set off the smoke detector in your kitchen! Turn on your kitchen fan.

I removed it from the oven and transferred the meat to a cutting board. Then covered it with foil and let it sit while we ate our salads. The meat turned out medium rare and juicy. Being backstrap it was as tender as I expected and the flavor was wonderful!! Great way to disguise gamey meat.

Yes it is sweet and a bit salty. If you want to reduce the saltiness, rince the meat after removing it from the marinade and pat dry before wrapping in bacon.