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Use the Venison, Elk, Duck and Fish that hubby brings home, in family friendly recipes.



Pressure Cook Your Goose

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Upside-Down Roast Goose Recipe

The goose is cooked upside-down with vegetables and herbs in a savory broth, and then turned upright during the end of cooking.

My hunter was only able to bring me home a 2 1/2 pound goose to try this recipe on, so that is what I used. That is the nature of hunting and fishing. You can’t be too picky about what you get, just happy he/she didn’t come home empty handed!

This recipe is okay. I am not a big fan of wild goose, but this does make the meat taste good, even though it remains fairly tough. If you are looking for a way to cook it to make it tender, this is not it. A larger bird would have been more rare than the smaller one I cooked, so the breast meat might have been a little more tender, but the back and legs certainly would not be.

I have included this here in case you’ve seen the same recipe elsewhere and were wondering how it might turn out.

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